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Meet our Friends


Katie, owner of Doodle Pet Design company is our newest affiliate. We are pleased that she chose one of Ellie's handsome puppies, Brian, to be a member of her family and to model her doodle products. Visit her website at Use code K9DOODLES for 20% off of your order. 


Stephanie, owner of B# photography, is a friend and an amazing photographer that works hard to capture the beauty of our puppies. I am sure working with the puppies is not quite as easy as her usual clients, but as always she does what it takes so you can see the beauty of the puppies.  You can visit her on facebook at B# photography - Be sharp

Melissa, owner of M&T Country collectibles not only helps me decorate my home; she has recently started helping us with the beautiful decorations and ideas for us to use for our puppy props. Feel free to visit her on facebook or on her website to see all of her decor and candles. 

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