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Meet Our Labradoodle Parents...


Bella is our first Labradoodle and what made us fall in love with the breed. She is Multigenerational and has a gorgeous black curly fleece non-shedding coat. She is very smart and has her Canine Good Citizen Title! Bella is now retired from breeding and is our pampered couch potato only. 


Finn is a charmer! He is our chocolate wool coat Australian Labradoodle male. We are so thrilled to have him join our family, and he fits in just like he was here all along. He is a very loving, playful boy that loves to play fetch.


Rumor is our sweet chocolate curly fleece Australian Labradoodle. She has a very calm personality and loves to cuddle and lay in your lap. She has those sweet, pouty eyes that steal your heart. She is a wonderful nurturing mother to her puppies. 


Jasmine is our sweet chocolate curly fleece Australian Labradoodle girl. She has a calmer personality and loves to cuddle more than anything. She has eyes that can melt your heart and a gentle caring nature. She is a wonderful thoughtful mother to her puppies. 

Meet Our Schnoodle Parents...


Logan is just a joy to have around. He is so happy and full of fun. Logan is our Blue merle Miniature Poodle. He throws the same beautiful merle markings and high intelligence as he has in his puppies. Logan weighs 12 lbs.


Lucy is our gorgeous salt and pepper Miniature Schnauzer female. She is a cuddler and wants to be where ever we go. She enjoys car rides and tv time on the couch. 

Ellie Mae

Ellie Mae is our beautiful chocolate Australian Labradoodle girl. She is very sweet and laid back but enjoys playing in the yard with our children. Ellie Mae is very smart and has an obedient people pleasing personality. We are very excited to see her first litter!

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