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Puppy Adoption Process


We are so glad you have decided to add a doodle to your life!

* For families wishing to be placed on the waiting list for upcoming litters, it is $200.  When a litter is born, we will contact you in the order that you were placed on the waiting list to see if you would like to adopt one of the new puppies. Once you haven chosen your new addition, the remainder of the deposit is due. 

* For our potential out of town families that are unable to come visit in person, we will facetime with you so that you can see the puppy you are interested in. 

* the labradoodle puppies are $2500 + 6% ky sales tax = $2650. 

* the schnoodle puppies are $1500 + 6% ky sales tax = $1590. 

* for our long distance families-  as you can see on our "taking to the skies page" we have 4 companions that are more than happy to travel with your puppy to your destination if you are unable to fly into our airport (either CVG or SDF).

           ** Prices vary for the travel companion to go to you based on destination. Base rate is $400 + cost of flights/puppy ticket.

           ** If you are able to fly in - Delivery fee to meet you at the specified airport is $100.  

           ** NOTE: The puppy will need to be paid in full before we book the flights after you approve the flight itinerary 

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